Moo by Sharon Creech, Illos by Sarah Horne


Little Reena and her brother Luke are forced to move from big city life in Chicago to the seemingly boring countryside of Maine. Reena is a bit lost, until that is she meets old Mrs Falala and her moody moo cow, Zora.

What follows is a fun, mischievous, heart-warming story about two children discovering the joy of animals, the countryside, and how getting to know older, magical people (who might seem grumpy at first) can teach you some amazing things.

Reena and Luke learn new farm skills, get to know the stubborn Zora who they discover is actually a big softy of a cow really. And they work together to take Zora to the fair to show her off in competitions.

What’s even more wonderful and unique about this book is how it plays with language (and the presentation of sentences) on the page, giving the novel an exciting, playful, and visual feel with some lovely rhythmic sentences that keep you reading.

So, if you’re looking for a brilliant, animal-based easy to read book for younger readers, then Moo is for You!


Sharon Creech
Sarah Horne
Guppy Books

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