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Monster by Andrew DaddoThe gorgeous illustrations from the hand of Bruce Whatley in Monster will have you returning to this delightful picture book many times.

Simple dialogue and a clever twist make this an enjoyable book for bedtime.

With parallels to It’s Bedtime, William! someone is making excuses to put off going to bed. And so ensues a dialogue between parents and son as the later complains about the monster in his bedroom.

Each full double page depicts a rather large, and actually quite loveable, pale green ‘monster’ and a little boy in his pyjamas with the dialogue bringing forward new complaints;

‘There’s mud in the claws and yuk on the tail!’

… followed by great sarcasm from his parents …

‘It’s probably blood and gunk! As long as it’s not yours.’

As the smells become over powering and the pillow fight results in a room covered in feathers … mum and dad appear, and then so does the twist. A very enjoyable one.

The illustrations are just as imperative to the story development as the dialogue is, and very appealing. Bold without being harsh, and a great attention to detail, most crucially the facial expressions of our two main characters. Take a look at that front cover, fantastic!


Andrew Daddo
Bruce Whatley
ABC Books

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