Monster Doughnuts by Gianna Pollero, illustrated by Sarah Horne


A little bit of flour, some butter, a pinch of luck and a teaspoon of perseverance, not forgetting a dash of the Very Secret Ingredient – give it all a stir, bake in the oven for 20 minutes and what do you get? Monster-busting doughnuts!

Grace is a monster hunter. Some monsters are scary and mean but she knows deep down that most monsters LOVE cakes! Thankfully Grace’s sister, Danni, is an expert baker, so when the monsters start stealing socks and ripping up homework and making a mess of bedrooms, the girls get to work. Neville the Snake, The McClawface family of werewolves and Snack Snafllers galore, are all in a days work. A sudden alert on the Monster Scanning Machine lets them know a Cyclops is in the area and is looking to feast! The grumpy, moanie, argumentative Mr Harris is soon shocked to discover that Grace and her Monster Exploding doughnuts are coming to get him and he’d better run! Can Grace and her friends, Frank and Max, accept the challenge? You’ll need to read it to find out…

A tremendous story of family loyalty and frighteningly fantastic friendships with superb laugh out loud moments as the reader is introduced to all the monsters who to dare to walk in their path – that’s a lot of doughnuts! Heart-felt moments throughout, Sarah Horne’s illustrations bring the fantastic characters to life as if they’re munching on a cake beside you!


Gianna Pollero
Sarah Horne
Piccadilly Press

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