Monkey Nut

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Monkey Nut

Just too funny!!

Who knew a monkey nut could cause so much trouble?

Simon Rickerty has captured that inane little bickering that sometimes *cough* occurs between two little people.

‘It’s mine! It’s mine!’

When a monkey nut suddenly drops to the floor, well … they both want it. ‘They’ being two little spiders, one red & one blue, with the cheekiest grins.

In a wonderfully simplistic and stylish manner, Rickerty portrays these two as they compete for the monkey nut … well it does have so many imaginative uses. A chair, a telephone, yep, the possibilities are endless.

Great repetition of the word ‘mine’ throughout makes this one genius to read out loud, it gains many, many laughs.

With a chuckle inducing ending, perfect for parents and kids, Monkey Nut wraps up pretty neatly too.

Rickerty has styled photographs of the monkey nut on to a nicely stark white background, rendering the characters’ actions more vivid.

Colour and movement are introduced as the pairs’ imagination riches dizzy heights and the narrative reaches wacky finale.

Verdict? Lots of fun to read out loud: perfect present material. Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2013.


Simon Rickerty
Simon Rickerty
Simon & Schuster

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