Mold And The Poison Plot

Mold And The Poison PlotEver had one of those days where nothing goes your way? Young Mold’s life really isn’t going well…

Being dumped in the dustbin as a baby wasn’t a great start! Things improved considerably when Aggy took him in, but then it all started going wrong again. The King was poisoned, Aggy was arrested and then there was that awful fire from which Mold only just escaped in time. It was almost as if someone was trying to get rid of him….

This all happens in the first few pages of Lorraine Gregory’s debut Mold and the Poison Plot. Phew! Hold on to your seats, this is a novel that’ll sweep you along with Mold’s bold adventure…

Mold’s fight to clear Aggy’s name involves a trip to the town’s sewer – bad enough for most people, but poor Mold has an uncanny ability to smell everything. Really, really clearly. Mold, misjudged by others as being an outsider, is a loveable character you’ll quickly form a bond with, routing for him to succeed.

Multiple intriguing themes are touched upon, not least that of the history of the people populating this story. The Skullensvar were the first people of Pellagarno, enjoying a fine existence until the Yellowhair came… taking sacred land, and destroying it with harsh farming methods. Resentment, as a result of two different races being unable to life side by side, builds… and builds.

Gregory’s voice pulls you into Mold’s world so wonderfully (filled with castles and potions, Boggers and Dai Kurlins), then sweeps you along his journey of discovery.

Mold And The Poison Plot is a great middle grade adventure novel with plenty of action, a great sprinkling of humour and brilliant characters.

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Lorraine Gregory
Tom Mead
Oxford University Press

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