Mind Your Head

Mind Your Head written - Juno Dawson

Mind Your Head written by Juno Dawson, with advice from Dr Olivia Hewitt, is an essential non-fiction tome for young adult readers.

Juno Dawson tackles mental health with directness, empathy and warmth. Essential advice by Dr Olivia Hewitt adds to its credibility as a go to, supportive guide to mental health.

‘Getting better and feeling good is a long-term commitment.’

Dawson’s first point is that ‘rarely do you hear people discuss their mental health problems.’ Making the point that both our physical and mental health are ‘permanently intertwined’ and that tackling both, in an open and honest manner, can only benefit us all. Agreed.

Mind Your Head talks about recognising symptoms and what to do about them. Chapters tackle a myriad of subjects including anxiety & depression, bereavement and anorexia. Friendships, bullying, exam stress are all recognised as areas of stress, with accompanying advice and tips on how to cope, including how and where to get help.

Mind Your Head‘s warmth and kudos factor flies through the roof when Juno, very early in the narrative, is open and honest about her own mental health issues. She candidly describes her own battle with anxiety, with a frank update in the Afterword section too. Juno’s narrative implores us to talk about mental health, and leads proudly by example.

For various reasons, mental health issues are gradually coming to the forefront. They are becoming acknowledged, talked about and people are becoming educated. But. It’s only just started. Mind Your Headwill do much to break down stigma (through education), whilst providing a comforting, positive springboard for all to turn to when needed.

I hope this one finds itself into school libraries. It needs to be there.

‘Looking after your mental health is no different from going to a gym or trying to eat your five a day. It’s maintenance.’

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