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“But Melu was different”

Melu stands out from the herd of “stubborn mules” who always go in the same direction and never venture to pastures new. When his dreams of “splashing in the glittering green sea” become too much he literally turns around and decides to go in his own direction – to the shock and horror of the rest of his herd.

As Melu makes his way through his adventure he picks up help and friendship from “sure-hoofed” goat and “sturdy” bull who join forces as a mighty threesome to achieve their aims.

Themes of friendship, difference and overcoming obstacles hover underneath the over riding message which encourages children to follow their dreams even when others express doubt.

Melu is full of imaginative and thoughtful descriptions which ensure this picture book stands out.

“Then they sat down together

to watch the stars poking holes in the sky.”

Kyle Mewburn’s storytelling ability is aptly matched by the stylish and vibrant illustrations from the team of Ali Teo and John O’Reilly. Clean, clear and crisp images dominate the pages, the stand out being the double page showing the three friends frolicking in the much anticipated glittering green sea.


Kyle Mewburn
Ali Teo & John O'Reilly

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