Maybe… by Chris Haughton


Maybe… is the latest picture book from Chris Haughton, and it’s an absolute CORKER!

Three little monkeys sitting in a tree, with a super strict warning NOT to go down to the mango tree… there are tigers down there.

Left alone, what do you think they get up to?

Hmmmm, turns out the warnings were right. Ooops!

Told entirely through dialogue (Chris Haughton is a master at doing this), Haughton captures their personalities and the humour from their thoughts and actions brilliantly. Carefully placed repetitions of key phrases are a joy to read out loud, and increase the sense of foreboding as the characters get closer and closer to that mango tree.

Chris Haughton’s distinctive style with bold splashes of colour, and those wonderfully large character-filled eyes, is fabulous.

Perfectly pitched at the younger age group with a lovely feeling of tension, and lots of well-placed giggles, Maybe… is another bright and cheering read from Chris Haughton.

Go get it. It’ll make you smile.


Chris Haughton
Chris Haughton
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