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Magic Beach by Alison Lester

Magic Beach is a beautiful picture book which revels in the glory of the imaginative childhood – it delights in our child’s ability to turn everything in to such an exciting adventure. An Australian bestseller this is clearly loved and adored by both children and their parents.

My Book Corner loved the endearing pattern to this book which opens up the imagination. The first double page describes an element of a beach scene with typical Alison Lester brilliance – rhythm and descriptive excellence;

“surfing and splashing

and jumping the waves,

shrieking and laughing with glee.”

The following page turns the same scene in to one direct from a child’s wonderful imagination – waves are described as “wild white horses” and rock pools as “Kingdom of Fishes.”

This book opens up the magic of the sea, the seaside and the experiences to be found there (excluding the compulsory sand-sandwiches of course!). The details in the accompanying illustrations not only help to tell the story but also to inspire and spark the imagination. They are full of intricate details, even down to the borders on each page.

This is a perfect as a read aloud book. It is a true classic, and a bestseller. Check out the video below, and don’t forget to share your experiences of this book in the comment section below.


Teaching Tips: Magic Beach will also serve as wonderful inspiration for literacy based projects either at home on in school. Students can select their favourite lines from the text and illustrate them; this will encourage them to select quotations and focus on the meanings of words together with the images they conjure. Alternatively, older students can study the structure and recreate their own Magic … Forest, bush, town .. the list is endless. Students can experiment with rhythm, alliteration etc appropriate to their own abilities.


Alison Lester
Alison Lester
Allen & Unwin

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