Lost My Name

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Lost My Name

Lost My Name is a personalised picture book like no other.

Stylish, original and carefully crafted this one has a certain air of brilliance surrounding it.

Most little ones have their name adorning their bedroom doors right? Imagine their shock if one morning, it, well, wasn’t there?!

Cue an exciting adventure as a little boy or girl (you choose) sets out on an epic adventure to locate all those missing letters.

Great dialogue, a splash of rhythm and rhyme take our little character on an interesting adventure encountering a myriad of different animals and people.

I loved the Yeti encounter. The princess and the ‘p’ (get it?!) is fab too, and the dragon …. but, well, it depends on your own individual adventure.

And that is what I love about Lost My Name.Lost My Name

The search for each individual letter covers a good couple of pages, creating a substantial, intriguing picture book that will keep little ones entertained for quite some time.

You know what? This is going to be great for letter recognition too.

Perdro Serapicos’ illustrations have that ‘sink into’ feeling emanating from each page. They lend this picture book a wonderful magical quality.

Lost My NameLost My Name is available direct from the creators, here, who will craft your personalised book for you. Plus, worldwide delivery is totally free.



David Cadji-Newby
Perdro Serapicos
Charlesworth Press

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