Loongie the Greedy Crocodile

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The most striking thing about this picture book? Well, that would be the illustrations by Bronwyn Housten from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Hard to believe this is her first book!

Loongie, the crocodile at Walaman Creek, manages to look both fierce and cheeky at the same time – I think it has something to do with those eyes!

The tiny longbum shell fish become the heros of this story, their trick results in Loongie leaving the creek – allowing all the birds and fish to return again. Mother and son duo, Lucy and Kiefer, have created a fun, simple story where the little guy beats the big guy with a bit of wit.

The vibrant use of colours to capture the sunsets in particular, will really capture your attention as you read through this one, and that’s what captured my attention at My Book Corner.


Lucy and Kiefer Dann
Bronwyn Houston
Magabala Books

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