Little Turtle and the Sea by Becky Davies & Jennie Poh

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This is more than just a story. So much more than just a picture book. It’s the thought provoking tale of Little Turtle and her precious underwater habitat. A once glistening paradise of corals, marine life and tranquillity now under threat from a plastic invasion. Dive beneath the waves and join Turtle’s plight as she tries to make sense of the strange happenings around her. Can her precious home be saved?

Little Turtle and the Sea begins with Little Turtle leaving her nest, plodding across the sand and taking her first swim in the huge ocean – a beautiful expanse of water filled with an abundance of colourful creatures and plants. As Little Turtle grows, she journeys across the ocean, meeting new friends along the way. Then one day Little Turtle meets ‘creatures’ who don’t talk back, objects floating in the water and sinking to the seabed that don’t belong there. Beautiful colours fade away and are replaced with murky hues.


But there is hope and this book gives us that.

It’s the story of survival in our polluted oceans. The plastic problem is explained clearly for younger readers alongside a list of ways in which we can ALL help save the sea by making little changes to our everyday lives. For those wanting to find out more there is also a guide to online resources and further reading.


Becky Davies
Jennie Poh
Little Tiger Press

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