Little Robin Red Vest by Jan Fearnley

Little Robin Red Vest

It’s been 20 years since Jan Fearnley’s Little Robin Red Vest appeared, and now it’s been re-released by publishers Nosy Crow with new artwork. Even for those who have the original I can strongly recommend this beautiful edition.

For the week before Christmas, Little Robin has seven warm vests to see him through the frosty days. But as he encounters other chilly animals, including a frog, a hedgehog and a squirrel, Robin gives all his vests away. He’s now freezing! But then Santa arrives, and he has a very special reward for Robin’s kindness.

A beautiful celebration of generosity and selflessness, this book is as cosy as Little Robin’s vests. Winter is depicted in all its magical glory in the fabulous illustrations, with snow-covered trees, icicles, snowflakes and gleaming red berries. The vests too, each one a different colour and design, are gorgeous (I want them all). All the animals are lovely and full of character, particularly Robin himself of course – you can tell he’s got a good heart just by looking at his little face.

I think this book will be a Christmas favourite for many more years to come.

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Jan Fearnley
Jan Fearnley
Nosy Crow

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