Little Red Reading Hood

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Little Red Reading HoodLittle Red Reading Hood is a fun, fairy tale twist from Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle.

I love this rhyming version of Little Red, who spends her time with her head stuck in a book, ‘dreaming up stories and laughing out loud.’ But as tends to happen to many an ardent library user – she realises her book is overdue. Oops.

Of course the route to the library involves the wood, and a promise not to stray from the path. And in a wonderful twist Lucy Rowland’s hungry old wolf doesn’t bother Grandma but Mrs Jones the librarian instead. Brilliant!

That wolf should have know better than to try and hoodwink book loving folk – they’re just too clever. They give wolf short shrift for relying on such a predictable ending as eating them both up – ‘” That’s such an obvious ending!’she sighed,”

Rowland ensure Mrs Jones lives up to the reputation of wonderful librarians everywhere…  this wolf goes away with his next favourite read tucked under his arm. Perfect.

Ben Mantle’s illustrations are bright, lively and full of fun. Loved his portrayal of Wolf… especially those salt and pepper pots tucked into his waistcoat!

Little Red Reading Hood is a brilliantly fun celebration of books, reading and fabulous librarians who frequently save the day.




Lucy Rowland
Ben Mantle
Pan Macmillian

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