Little Nelly’s Big Book

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Little Nelly's Big Book - Pippa Goodhart



Little Nelly’s Big Book did make us giggle. At My Book Corner, we are big fans of books that exhibit a wry, dry sense of humour! Think Tin Toys, I Want My Hat Back and A Bit Lost! All are great fun for the adults too!

It’s well known amongst the adult population that reading any sort of medical dictionary can lead to the development of a myriad of conditions you never knew existed … well it would appear that elephants by the name of Nelly can encounter problems of a similar nature when they read big books of knowledge. After fitting the description of being “grey”, with “big ears” and a “skinny tail” Nelly realises that she fits perfectly in to the description of being a mouse. Of course!

The subsequent pages follow Nelly as she tries to re adjust to her ‘real’ life as a mouse using her big book of knowledge for guidance. Delving in to her new home behind the skirting board proves a little tricky, thankfully Granny Mouse is very accommodating and Nelly begins her new life, although,

“she did get terribly hungry.”

Genuis! Snacking on cheese just didn’t do it for Nelly!! Granny Mouse comes to the rescue with the aid of her laptop, they convince Nelly that the elephants in the zoo are really just giant mice, and really, wouldn’t Nelly be more comfortable with them??

But just as things are starting to look a little more, well ‘normal’ again, Micky the mouse picks up and the big book of knowledge. Reads it. Then declares he must be a ….!!

“Which just goes to show why books should always have pictures.”

Love this ‘warning’ at the close of the book! Clever and funny this is a book that has already been devoured multiple times.


Pippa Goodhart
Andy Rowland

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