Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth

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Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth is an utterly charming picture book from the talented hands of Paula Bowles.

Just like the illustrations, the narrative is warm and engaging as Paula sets the scene with little Lou who is feeling a little bit lonely.

Despite being surrounded ‘by an enormous muddle of toys’ Lou is just, well, a little bored. Then something catches her eye … a stray piece of thread.

An entertaining adventure begins as Lou tries to follow this looong thread. It turns out to have a life of its own! Energy and pace are ignited through the use of wonderful typography and entertaining adjectives.

At the end of the thread emerges … a woolly mammoth with his ‘two blinking eyes’. For Lou there is only one thing to do … RUN! Cue a delightful page full of onomatopoeia guaranteed to hold the attention of little ones.

But what happens when the mammoth’s thread becomes snagged on one of Lou’s toys?

Lou discovers that there’s more to this creature than first meets the eye … and that maybe first impressions aren’t always accurate.

I love the little twists and turns in this picture book, perfect for encouraging the curiosity of little ones.

Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth is a great bedtime picture book. With its snuggly ending, and warm illustrations I found it utterly endearing.


Paula Bowles
Paula Bowles

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