Lifesize Dinosaurs by Sophy Henn

Sophy Henn’s Lifesize series is a very exciting one – I extolled the virtues of the first one here.

Now Sophy has given us dinosaurs. Oh my! This one is a must for dinosaur obsessives – it’s chock-a-block full of intriguing details, delicious facts and tasty titbits.

As soon as you see the word LIFESIZE you know that Sophy Henn’s drawing is the actual real-life size. This really puts into perspective how absolutely huge these creatures were.

What dino fan wouldn’t take great delight in comparing their nostril size to that of a real life sized one belonging to… a Diplodocus? Or squeal with delight at coming face to face with the beak of a Pteranodon? And T-Rex’s ‘sneaky smile’ – let’s just say Sophy Henn had to do something super clever to ensure that was truly lifesize!

Lifesize is a truly immersive experience allowing readers to soak up lots and lots of information on the way. It’s a BIG hit.

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