Lifesize by Sophy Henn


I ADORE this book series. A brilliantly clever concept which is very exciting to use both in the classroom and at home with little ones.


Here you get a chance to compare your toenails to a LIFESIZE drawing of an actual African elephant’s toenail – they are SO big poor Sophy could only put two of them on to the page… and this picture book is bigger than the average one!

Sophy’s narrative takes us on a great journey where we meet all sorts of wonderful animals – from tiny hummingbirds to huge polar bears. And. As soon as you see the word LIFESIZE you know that Sophy Henn’s drawing is the actual real-life size.

Woah, watch out for the eye of the giant squid, will you spot the teeny tiny pea crab… and how does your tongue measure up to the of a giraffe?! The eclectic mix on animals included ensures there’s something for everyone.

Interactive picture book fun at its best, LIFESIZE is a great way to indulge in some animal themed fun.

And guess what? There’s a dinosaur themed one too.

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