Librarian’s Night Before Christmas

Librarian's Night Before Christmas

With a plethora of literary references embedded in the rhyming narrative, Librarian’s Night Before Christmas is a picture book made for literature lovers everywhere.

The dedicated librarian is tidying the shelves, mending the broken books and sighing at the lack of funds which have left her beautiful place bereft of great books.

Of course help is at hand,

‘ ‘Cause out of the sky cruised a red bookmobile!’

With the bard himself emblazoned on the side, this is clearly no ordinary library bus. This is confirmed for sure when some lovely elves, and Santa himself, pop out to give our librarian a hand.

The festive team give this wonderful place a complete makeover, leaving behind a wonderful message about libraries and reading. Librarian’s Night Before Christmas is a perfect Christmas books for readers and book lovers everywhere, with fun and vibrant illustrations to accompany the story.


David Davis
Jim Harris

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