Just Right

Just Right by Birdie BlackA cute picture book with a subtle Christmassy feel – think snow, lots of soft red, generosity and a great Christmas Eve setting.

Just Right begins on a snowy Christmas Eve with the king buying a ‘huge roll of beautiful bright red cloth’ perfect for a cloak for his daughter, the princess. The leftovers get put outside on the doorstep, only to be found by another character who declares it ‘just right’ and subsequently takes it home to ‘snip’ and ‘sew’, they too put the leftovers on the doorstep. The cloth ‘so red and soft and Christmassy’ turns out to be just right for Jenny the kitchen maid, Bertie Badger, Samuel Squirrel and finally Milly the mouse

The most striking element of this picture book is just that, the illustrations. Vibrant, colourful and full of imagination and charm. There is lots to observe upon the turn of each page, making it a great one for this age group.

The storyline is just that little bit longer with full paragraphs on each double page, Just Right is perfect for those moving on to a slightly more involved and intriguing storyline.


Birdie Black
Rosalind Beardshaw
Nosy Crown

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