I finished Jelly (Jo Cotterill) in one sitting. I wept and laughed and was 11 once more as I followed Jelly on her journey. And she got her period and it’s all in there and not whispered about like it’s some kind of disease. Thank you, from 11 year-olds around the world.

Being 11 is tough.

From getting her period to avoiding her mum’s horrible boyfriend, Angelica (Jelly to her friends) deals with it all by being the class clown. No-one needs to know that she hates the bullies who are mean about her size, all they see is happy-go-lucky, Jelly.

Jelly pours her heart and soul into her secret poetry book, a book no-one is allowed to see until Lennon Maloney walks into her and her mum’s lives. Lennon not only saves Jelly from her worries but gives her the confidence to be who she really wants to be, not who people expect her to be.

With the school talent show coming up, can Jelly reveal her true self or will she get stage fright and go back to her old ways?

A fantastic story to rival the coming-of age novel Forever by Judy Blume,  Jo Cotterill‘s Jelly delves into all that comes along when puberty knocks on the door – pre-teen angst, acceptance and friendship.

Jelly is the latest novel from Jo Cotterill, (A Storm Of Strawberries, Library of Lemons).


Jo Cotterill
Templar Publishing

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