Jarred Dreams

Jarred DreamsCamilla Chester’s debut, Jarred Dreams, will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages not knowing what lurks within.

When 12 year-old Sade moves to a new town, she soon realises that all is not as it seems. There’s something not quite right about the colourless, robot-like inhabitants of Stanbridge.

When her dad begins to fall under the same spell, it’s a race against time for Sade to save him from the powerful curse that seems to cloak the town in what is known as The Grey – a soul-zapping aura that clings to every thing in its path, destroying all colour and emotions and leaving a trail of sadness in its wake.

Sade lives opposite a dark and fire-burned wreck of a house, as she investigates its past she becomes aware that it isn’t empty after all. The Dream Thief knows she is there, he’s just biding his time until she falls asleep. He needs to capture her dream before she can join the others in their gloomy grey world. A world of his creation, a world empty of pain or feeling.

Sade has other plans and bravely stands up to him as she tries to bring her dad back from the brink of doom and re-instate colour and happiness in her world once again.

Jarred Dreams is a fantastic spooky tale of bravery, family and things that steal dreams in the night! Her next novel EATS is out now!


Camilla Chester
Troubador Publishing

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