Jabari Jumps

Jabari Jumps - Gaia CornwallJumping off the diving board for the first time is a HUGE deal. And scary. And a little bit exciting. And takes bundles of courage.

This is just what Jabari plans to do today, at the pool with Dad and little sister in tow.

Jabari has finished all his swimming lessons, passed his test. He’s very excited, and ‘not scared at all.’

But oh my that ladder is long, the board is long and the children up there look SO tiny. Can Jabari muster up the courage… or should he do stretches first, or have a tiny rest, or maybe ‘tomorrow might be a better day for jumping’ ?

Gaia Cornwall’s narrative weaves a wonderful story about finding that piece of courage inside of you. The relationship she portrays between is Jabari and his dad is delicately handled, Dad striking that perfect balance between encouraging and being able to stand back and let Jabari lead as he makes his own decision. You’ll be sucked into the story, willing Jabari on and cheering when he takes that exhilarating first plunge into the pool.

Jabari Jumps - Gaia CornwallThe swimming pool inducing aqua tone dominates Cornwall’s pages throughout her picture book.  When Jabari and his dad first arrive at the pool (see image on right), her perspective highlights the enormity of Jabari’s decision.

When Jabari takes the plunge we are treated to a striking double page, which communicates Jabari’s joy so effectively. The word ‘splash!’ dances across the waves of the water, above which we can see Jabari, one hand held high… and the other pinching his nose – essential pool jumping technique!

Gaia Cornwall’s debut picture book, Jabari Jumps, is quite the treat – perfect for little swimmers, and for those with a little bit of trepidation.

Jabari Jumps - Gaia Cornwall






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Gaia Cornwall
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