Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention by Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie


Izzy and Fixer are back!

Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention is the second adventure featuring the young inventor, her friend Fixer the crow and supportive, loveable Grandpa. Izzy Gizmo is a creative, ingenious and humble character, a picture book hero of today. She is an inspiration to all who love to invent and create. The more unusual the machines and gadgets the better!

The latest instalment of Gizmo antics sees Izzy invited to an annual Invention Convention. At first, Izzy doubts her capabilities, but spurred on by her ever encouraging Grandpa, she finds the courage to attend. In true Gizmo style Izzy and Grandpa don’t travel via a normal mode of transport. Oh no. No standard cars, planes or trains here! Instead they journey in an Izzy invention, a transforming amphibious creation, complete with wind up key and green robotic legs! The type of vehicle that has your child staring at the book page, studying the illustration, for ages after you have finished reading the text.

Once at the convention, Izzy enters a competition run by a professor. The task is to amaze by building an impressive machine. The journey to creation does not run smoothly, Izzy encounters some emotional and practical bumps in the road to completion. However, her resilience and support from her companions show just what a combination of teamwork and strength of character can achieve. Izzy perfectly demonstrates the range of emotions that can be felt when things don’t go to plan and shows just how it is possible to overcome them succeed. The theme of recycling runs through Izzy and Grandpa’s entry and provides a great opportunity to share this important issue with younger children.

Pip Jones’ rhyming, sing song text is as fun to read aloud as it is to listen to. As well as music to their ears, readers are treated to a feast for their eyes in the form of Sara Ogilvie’s fabulously detailed illustrations.

Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention is perfect for curious little minds who, like Izzy, love to invent and dream.


Pip Jones
Sara Ogilvie
Simon & Schuster

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