Ivy And The Lonely Raincloud

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Ivy And The Lonely Raincloud - Katie HarnetIvy and the Lonely Raincloud is a thoughtful, intriguing picture book from Katie Harnett.

Ever had one of those days? Nothing goes right, and you are in one full on, grumpy, stinky mood. It happens to the best of us. Maybe we just need the right person to come along, at the right time…

A gorgeous, watercolour raincloud is lonely and sad,

“The raincloud was sad because the horrible, hot sun had scared all of the other clouds away, and he was the only one left.”

Ivy And The Lonely Raincloud - Katie Harnet

Katie Harnett

This is quite a proactive raincloud, so he floats through the sky looking for a friend refusing to give up when others shoo him away. When he spots the lonely, but oh so grumpy girl, he figures she must be lonely too. Like a good friend, he manages to figure out the reason for her grumpiness. Maybe she’s sad? And so he sets about solving the problem. What a great friend! The raincloud finds his purpose, and the girl is no longer sad.

The gentle narrative is swept along by Harnett’s vibrant illustrations, dominated by hues of yellow and orange. Keen eyed readers will spot the little clues Harnetts provides  – the glorious sunshine isn’t so glorious for the wilting plants and flowers. Photos on the wall behind the girl, depict happier times.

Ivy And The Raincloud shows that happiness and friendship can be found in the most unlikely places.

Ivy And The Lonely Raincloud - Katie Harnet

Katie Harnett







Katie Harnett
Katie Harnett
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