It’s A Wrap

itsawrapIt’s A Wrap is the final installment in the Waiting For Callback trilogy – bittersweet moment for sure. So keen to find out what happens to these characters, but, ah! Is it really the end?!?!

If you haven’t discovered Elektra, the creation of Perdita and Honor Cargill, here’s a quick – spoiler free – re-cap…

Begin with Casting Queen, which introduces us to Elektra. When I tell you that Elektra  has just been signed up by an acting agent and is looking for her first big break – you may get the wrong, stereotypical impression of this character.  Be assured that Elektra is brilliantly funny and down to earth as she brings us in to the world of acting.

Take Two sees a change in scene as Elektra gets cast in the movie, Straker, and the humour continues. Mum is concerned that she doesn’t miss too much school, Elecktra meanwhile is learning to navigate the acting egos on set, and being apart from her boyfriend who is chasing vampires in Transylvania. Oops!

Which brings us to It’s A Wrap – a wonderful finale to the series. Straker has been filmed… now it’s time for the publicity juggernaut to get going. Oh no. Instagram photos have got to be ‘just so’, setting the right tone, with the right hashtags attached. No surprises to learn that this sends poor Elektra in to a bit of a tail spin. Especially as she is trying to navigate friendships and GCSE revision. It’s all getting a bit too much. I love the comments here about social media, spot on. And, as in the previous two – the format of emails is used to brilliant effect, capturing the characters of both agent and mum. With the hilarious addition of “Fiona at Personality PR” these are handled with great humour. Nicely done!

Perdita and Honor Cargill whisk us in to Elektra’s acting world with skill and humour. Witty dialogue, great plots and hugely like-able characters make the Waiting For Callback series the perfect one to sink in to.


Perdita & Honor Cargill
Simon & Schuster

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