It All Began When I Said Yes – Simon Philip & Annabel Tempest

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itallbeganwhenisaidyesIt All Began When I Said Yes is packed full of fun! Simon Philip has written a story that will keep both parents and children entertained. Annabel Tempest’s illustrations are bursting with colour.

In this story, the little girl’s parents are fed up with her saying no all the time. So, she promises to try to say yes more often. Unfortunately, this coincides with a gorilla called Gideon turning up on her doorstep who has a lot of questions. And so, a chaotic adventure unravels. Little does the girl know that she is agreeing to the beginnings of a bouncy castle birthday party with unexpected party guests! One thing is certain, saying yes to everything all of the time will definitely bring an exciting and surprising adventure!

I really like Annabel Tempest’s illustrations of the gorilla and his cheeky expression. I think if he turned up on my doorstep asking if he could borrow my scooter, I would probably say yes too!

It All Began When I Said Yes will definitely keep children chuckling but might also make parents think again when they ask their children to try saying yes more often.

Simon Philip is the author of You Must Bring a Hat which won the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book of the Year Award in 2016. Annabel Tempest is an illustrator living in Somerset in England and nothing makes her happier than drawing, cutting and sticking.


Simon Philip
Annabel Tempest
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