The Island At The End of Everything

The Island At The End of EverythingThe Island At The End of Everything is the latest novel from Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

Ami lives with her mother on an island no one ever wants to visit. They say once you go there, you never leave. When the government decides to turn the island into a colony to stop the spread of leprosy, Ami is forced to leave her mother behind. Disease-free, she is taken across the water to a place where its deathly hold cannot reach.

There she meets Mari, another girl caught in the trap of the orphanage they must now call home. A kindly nun makes their plight more bearable but the wrath of the controlling officials is never far behind them. Mr Zamora, a butterfly collector, is the disciplinarian and powerful general the children despise, his part in the story will fill you with fear as you turn the pages. Ami and Mari have a plan, a plan that will take the reader on a breathtaking journey with them as the story unfolds.

When a fantastic book such as The Girl of Ink and Stars is published, it’s hard to think how the author can top it. Karen Millwood Hargrave has done just that with The Island at the End of Everything.

A superb read and the kind of book you won’t want to close once you open the first page.


Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Chicken House Books

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