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Imagine from Alison Lester is a clever picture book celebrates that greatly overlooked quality of childhood – the imagination.

Imagine is a beautiful picture book designed to be an interactive experience with your child. I love books that encourage children to get involved, to think and to play.

There is a great, consistent pattern to this book designed to inspire and entertain.

“Imagine if we were deep in the jungle where butterflies drift ..”

accompanied by a a page of children playing in the tree – turn over to the next double page which reveals a visual feast of that very scene, the jungle, jam packed with details to search and admire.

Just in case you need some help, descriptors of animals to be discovered circle the picture. (Don’t worry if your knowledge of the narwhal, caribou or nudibranch is not up to date – a thoughtful key has been placed at the back of the book!)

Alison Lester allows and encourages her readers to explore wonderful adventures from being ‘fish in the ocean’, ‘away on safari’ to ‘crossing the icecap’. The picture book concludes in a comforting manner by leaving the reader to imagine ‘our own little house’.

A great one for learning, a great one for entertainment.


Alison Lester
Alison Lester
Allen & Unwin

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