I’m Sticking With You by Smriti Halls & Steve Small


Ooo I really enjoyed this. Clever, funny, warm AND it manages to tug at the heartstrings.

So this is I’m Sticking With You from Smriti Halls and Steve Small, a picture book with friendship at its very heart.

The first half is told from the viewpoint of Bear. Halls’s wonderfully lyrical narrative conveys Bear’s adoration for his friend, Squirrel. Meanwhile… Small’s illustrations show that, well, Bear can be a bit clumsy, take up a LOT of space and is really testing the patience of Squirrel.

Oh my word, how much is this a reflection of some relationships right now under current conditions?! Obviously my own is fine. Just perfect. No little irritations here. Nope. Anyways… moving swiftly back to the book…


In a genius move, the narrative switches to that of Squirrel at the very point he snaps, sends Bear packing and proceeds to revel in the peace and quiet. Until he starts to realise who he is missing, and then sets about a lovely reconciliation.

I’m Sticking With You is about friendship – it’s up and downs – and ultimately, the value in sticking by the ones you love.


Smriti Halls
Steve Small
Simon & Schuster

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