I’m Sorry! By Barry Timms and Sean Julian

Learning how to say sorry is hard. In fact, saying sorry is hard, no matter how old you are! This delightful book by Barry Timms and Sean Julian follows the friendship of woodland best buddies Scribble the squirrel and Swoop the owl. They are inseparable, until a lack of communication one day gets them into a spot of bother, emotions run high and they squabble terribly.

Scribble and Swoop find the perfect home to share together in the middle of Walnut Wood. A delightful green doored tree trunk residence complete with a beautiful veranda. Whilst relaxing in their outdoor space the pals daydream about the balcony. Both envisaging the space being used as a home for their different hobbies. Scribble imagines it as a theatre whilst Swoop pictures it as a workshop for building her creations. The pals setting about making their dreams a reality, filling the veranda with their belongings.

There is an inevitable clash, a ripped curtain, cross words and a lot of sulking. The friends are not happy – despite being angry and upset they miss each other’s company. The story follows their efforts to make amends, to find the right words to fix the mess, to say sorry and most importantly to mean it! Can the friends make up? Can they fix their friendship? You’ll have to read it to find out!

I’m Sorry is a great discussion starter for younger children. A way to discuss the importance of meaningful apologies and accepting when and why it is time to say sorry.


Barry Timms
Sean Julian
Little Tiger Press

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