Iguana Boy Saves The World With A Triple Cheese Pizza

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iguanaboyIguana Boy Saves The World With A Triple Cheese Pizza is the laugh out loud chapter book written by James Bishop, and illustrated by Rikin Parekh – and it’s really blooming funny.

Dylan lives in a world where everyone has a super power – the only problem is it can take awhile for the power to emerge, “not all powers are immediately obvious”. With that comes an agonizing wait especially for Dylan, who watches his brother Sam, and sister Millie gleefully gloat about their own amazing super powers. Dylan was “royally fed up of waiting.”

But then his super power does emerge.

But it’s not quite what he’d hoped for.

In fact, he feels SO utterly embarrassed… that he hides it from his siblings.

Dylan’s discovery is handled brilliantly – he can talk to iguanas – “the WORST SUPERPOWER EVER”! The scene where he returns to the pet shop, Pets Behaving Badly, to discover more talking iguanas is brilliantly amusing, and contains one of my favourite illustrations from Rikin Parekh, depicting the pet shop owner and his dog.

Now it wouldn’t be a great super hero story without an attempted ‘take over the world’ plot and that’s exactly what happens. With so many superheros out of action as a result of a dastardly plan… will Dylan be able to wield his new super power?

And how does the triple cheese pizza fit in to the plot??

The plot of Iguana Boy is fast paced, and packed with humour. Inclusion of comic strips dotted throughout are a great choice adding greatly to the super hero tone of this novel. And the best news… Book 2, Iguana Boys vs The 30 Second Thief is just around the corner!



James Bishop
Rikin Parekh

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