If All The World Were…

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ifalltheworldwereIf All The World Were… from Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpoys, is a wonderful, poetic picture book celebrating Grandads.

Coelho’s narrative explores the touching connection between the little girl and her grandad through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Colpoys stunning illustrations capture their imaginative play, their connection and their love. Grandad passes on his stories featuring ships, snakes and tigers, he talks about his life as a boy with “Indian sweets and homemade toys”. He passes on to our little narrator the joy of writing and drawing “all your dreams”.

When, one day, Grandad’s chair is empty so begins a period of mourning and celebrating as Coelho ad Colpoys show little ones how to deal with grief. Our little narrator looks at photos to remember her Grandad and explore her memories of him. And, in a touching moment, she discovers on his empty chair – a note book left just for her. Bound with Indian string, and filled with “spring-petal paper” it becomes the perfect place for her to record all her special memories.

What this book achieves so wonderfully, is not only celebrate a cherished family relationship but also helps readers begin to deal with the death of a loved one. It achieves this in an uplifting, heart warming manner.

This is not one to be missed. If All The World Were… is a wonderful celebration.


Joseph Coelho
Allison Colpoys

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