I, Pod! By Rebecca Lisle & Richard Watson


When Pod is given the task of looking after baby, Nim, he has no idea what trouble lies ahead! A keen inventor he makes a swing for Nim to play in, with the help of Little Mammoth they push her back and forth until… SNAP! Can Pod and Little Mammoth save her from the sabre-tooth tiger, the green snapper fish and the sharp-beaked eagle?

Follow the story of Nim as she makes her way down the river with Pod and Little Mammoth rushing to rescue her.

I, Pod is a brilliant story of teamwork and the courage to succeed. Rebecca Lisle once again takes us on a journey to the stone age with her brilliant characters and storylines. Teamed with illustrator, Richard Watson, they have created a fantastic picture book that brings the animals to life and captures the mischievous Nim doing her best to get Pod into trouble. A must for every bookshelf, would make a brilliant book for siblings to read together.


Rebecca Lisle
Richard Watson
Maverick Arts Publishing

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