I Can Only Draw Worms

I Can Only Draw Worms - Will MabbittI Can Only Draw Worms, a picture book from Will Mabbitt, is filled with quirky humour and… worms!

Who knew so much fun could be had with worms – thankfully the narrator of this book does. Which is just as well… because he/she can ONLY draw worms. Ooops.

But. That’s ok, although they all do start to look alike. A swiftly drawn pair of glasses on Worm 2 soon fixes that. Chaos rages when Worm 9 goes missing – it’s ok ‘she’d just nipped to the toilet’. And startling discovery is made when Worm 8 is cut in half. Ooops again!

The striking illustrations work incredibly well to add visuals to the funny narrative – bold coloured backgrounds ensures your attention is firmly upon those worms. Mabbit’s sense of humour shines through, and makes I Can Only Draw Worms such a fun one to read out loud. You’ll never see worms in the same way again!!

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