I can Catch a Monster by Bethan Woollvin

Meet Bo. Bo is little, Bo is brave and Bo is strong. This eye-catching book follows the fearless female in her quest to prove to her big brothers, Erik and Ivar, that she is just as strong and capable as they are. Their refusal to take her on a monster hunting expedition sparks a fire of determination inside her and she sets off on a solo journey to prove her strength.

Bo is one of those characters who, when told they can’t do something, sets out to show everyone they were wrong. So after a little bedroom sulking time, she pulls herself together and embarks on a monster hunting mission of her own. Why should her brothers have all the fun?

Off Bo ventures, into the wilderness – depicted so beautifully in Woollvin’s recognisable bold, minimal colour pallet illustrations – through forests, across the sea, into caves and through the sky. She encounters monsters along the way but unexpectedly, instead of capturing them they becomes her friends. She soon realises the true monsters are closer to home than she first thought! In true Bo style she teaches them a lesson in kindness and helps them to see the error of their ways.

Bo is little. Bo is brave. Bo is strong and very importantly, Bo is kind.


Bethan Woollvin
Bethan Woollvin
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