I Am Not An Elephant by Karl Newson & Ross Collins


It’s here! Hooray! The follow-up to the fabulously funny I Am A Tiger from this great duo.

What’s this fab character up to this time?

It seems there’s another case of mistaken identity, with various animals convinced that mouse is an… elephant. Mouse is quite incensed by the suggestion. A hilarious exchange ensues, fired by Karl’s great use of lively dialogue.

Collin’s fabulous illustrations bring out a wonderful quirkiness from each of the animals, and the result is wonderfully playful and giggle inducing tone.

But, I’m not going to go much further… for fear of spoiler alerts. You’ll have to dive into this picture book yourself.

I Am Not An Elephant is a lively, giggly read.

Have fun!



Karl Newson
Ross Collins

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