I Am NOT a Prince! by Rachael Davis & Beatrix Hatcher


How much do I LOVE this shiny new picture book, I Am NOT A Prince!? Let me count the ways…

Firstly, there’s Beatrix Hatcher’s artwork. Those sharp lines, vibrant colours, disctinctive style and a joyful energy combine to make this a wonderful picture book to hold up in front of a class of eager listeners. Perfect to snuggle down with, and take in the details such those fabulous endpapers.


Secondly, there’s that rhyme and rhythm. I do love a good rhyming book, and I Am NOT A Prince! certainly fits that category super snuggly.

And finally, let’s chat about the storyline. A carefully crafted storyline from Rachael Davis which is guaranteed to make you smile. I promise. Hopp’s life is filled with expectations received from others that, one day, Hopp will be kissed by a princess and turned into a prince. But this little frog definitely does NOT want to be a prince.

As Hopp tries desperately to work out where to belong – encounters with dragon, bear and mouse demonstrate that Hopp does have the true qualities of a prince. But. That’s not what bothers Hopp. Hopp just doesn’t want to be a prince. It doesn’t feel right, for Hopp.

I Am NOT a Prince! is a glorious celebration of being true to yourself as Hopp finally encounters a wizard who truly listens to what Hopp has to say, to what Hopp truly feels. The final two spreads are just wonderful, and guaranteed to make your heart sing.

Rachael Davis and Beatrix Hatcher have created a joyful celebration of what it means to be… YOU!


Rachael Davis
Beatrix Hatcher
Orchard Books

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