I Am Every Good Thing by Derrick Barnes & Gordon C James



I Am Every Good Thing from award-winning duo Derrick Barnes and Gordon C James is a life-affirming picture book filled with smiles, positivity and confidence.

“I am a non-stop ball of energy.
Powerful and full of light.
I am a go-getter. A difference-maker.
A leader.”

I love this powerful, joyful opening page which pulls the reader straight into the energy which pervades the entire book.

Each page focuses on “I am” – from this character’s relationship to others, to his creative energy and ambitions, to his hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.

This is a book to be shared and celebrated.

This is a book to be read out loud in the classrooms, to be performed and enjoyed, like all great poetry. Teachers and home schoolers, you will adore this one. It opens the doors to great discussions, and oh so wonderfully leads straight into inspiring creative writing encouraging confidence and positivity.


I Am Every Good Thing is a fantastic celebration of Black boyhood.


Derrick Barnes
Gordon C James

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