I Am A Tiger by Karl Newson & Ross Collins


I can’t begin to tell you just HOW much fun I had reading this to Reception class. They adored the cheeky mouse, and giggled VERY loudly at this eccentric mouse’s description of its friends. So much fun.

So… meet mouse. Except that while you and I, and most of mouse’s friends can quite clearly see what type of animal stands in front of them, it would seem that mouse has other ideas. Mouse is totally and utterly convinced… “I am a tiger.”

No amount of persuading will convince this creature otherwise. The big belly laughs come when mouse comes face to face with a tiger, and continue when he tells his friends what he believes they are too.  And of course. Karl Newson delights us all with a fabulous twist at the end.

Newson’s narrative is wonderfully witty, and attention grabbing. I adored how Ross Collins captures the expressions on the befuddled animals’ faces as their hear mouse’s descriptions of them. What a treat!


Karl Newson
Ross Collins
Pan Macmillan

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