I am a Bird by Isabel Otter & Fernando Martin


Get ready to explore the world of our feathered friends in this brightly coloured, beautifully illustrated non-fiction book by Isabel Otter and Fernando Martin. Turn the pages to visit nests, watch babies hatch, explore bird song, discover worm catching secrets, fly through the air, meet the biggest and smallest birds in the world and more! Brimming with interesting facts this book will turn its young readers into budding ornithologists!

First impressions of this book can be nothing but a ‘wow!’ The cover is simply stunning, a gorgeous mix of blues with a pop of fluorescent orange. Turn the pages and you’ll discover the orange is a constant throughout – a little spot of the vivid hue is on each page. Just enough to really make the pictures come alive, grab and hold the reader’s attention.

The book is a work of art in both words and pictures. A real feast for the eyes. Otter’s words are presented in a variety of font sizes in clusters across each spread. Questions and facts work harmoniously together to satisfy inquisitive minds and fact choices are both interesting, unusual and cleverly suitable for the target audience. Add to this Martin’s bold, vivid illustrations which literally fly from the page and you have a match made in a feathery dreamland!

This is not your average non-fiction text. Careful thought has gone into the selection of material presented. The pages aren’t full of your normal, well-known, average bird facts. Youngsters learn of a seagulls ‘rain dance,’ about a cactus wren’s unusual nesting place and the amazing speed that a tiny hummingbird can beat its wings amongst other gems of information.

So find a perch, migrate to the sofa or fly up to bed, get comfy and then lost in the wonderful world of birds.

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