How To Be A Lion

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howtobealionI have to be honest – I’ve been putting off writing this review. I’ve been feeling nervous about it because I really want to do it justice and I don’t know where to start! Ed Vere’s How to be a Lion is an enjoyable tale of friendship but it is also so much more than that.

This is a fabulous picture book with an important underlying message. A message about being proud of who you are and not being afraid of showing the world.

How to be a Lion is a story about a friendship between a lion and a duck. Leonard is a lion like no other. He likes to write poems and is somewhat of a dreamer. All the other lions are fierce and roar and chomp ducks. When Leonard meets a duck named Marianne, what does he do? He certainly doesn’t chomp her! Instead, they develop a deep meaningful friendship and share many long meandering talks. When the other lions ridicule Leonard and try to pressure him to eat Marianne – what does he do? You’ll have to read it to find out.

How to be a Lion definitely shows that you don’t have to roar to be heard.

Ed Vere’s sketchy lines have a vulnerability which adds to the overall feel of the story. I love how the picture of Leonard on the front cover is the same colour as the book, reinforcing that you don’t need to be bold and loud to stand out and be heard.

Reading what this story means to Ed Vere himself is interesting and certainly makes me love this story all the more. It’s a story for those ‘who daydream and those who think for themselves.’ A story for those who are sensitive, gentle and like to dream. A story to say these things are valid and should be celebrated. As a mother to a gentle, sensitive and daydreaming daughter – I thoroughly enjoyed sharing How to be a Lion with her and her face lit up as I read it to her.

I can definitely recommend this touching story, we really enjoyed meeting Leonard and Marianne in our house.


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Ed Vere
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