How Selfish by Clare Helen Welsh & Olivier Tallec


Super excited to see the next one in this series pop through the letter box, in a very polite manner I might add! We enjoyed How Rude! last year, and were keen to see what the duo were getting up to in the latest, How Selfish!

Told mainly in dialogue, I love how the toddler like behaviour comes out as Dot and Duck discover how to share toys. It really doesn’t begin well, and at the centre of the disagreement? A stick… or flag, or sword… depending on if you are Dot or Duck!


…and look at the expressions in Tallec’s illustrations! I know this one will go down well in classrooms.

Filled with chuckles and emotions that many little readers will identify with,

“No! Wait! Don’t tell!

I’ll share the toys…”

How Selfish! is perfect to (dare I say it) share, in a most UNselfish manner.



Clare Helen Walsh
Olivier Tallec

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