How Rude!

howrudeHow Rude! is a delightful romp about manners and friendship from Clare Helen Welsh and Olivier Tallec.

Dot and Duck are quite the pair. Duck turns up a Dot’s house – adorably kitted out in knitted hat and scarf – and makes quite the entrance.

Duck’s manners aren’t quite right. Duck spits out all food offered, glugs water from the flower vase, all to the delightful refrain on the bottom of each page shouting ‘How Rude!’ – perfect for reading to groups!

Poor Dot is quite taken aback. But as Duck’s antics get increasingly rude, Dot gets increasingly frustrated. Tallec captures the moment wonderfully.


Dot has a response. It’s a deliciously funny response. It just may not be the right response! These two friends find a way through, and repair their friendship in a delightful way.

Tallec’s character expressions are brilliantly comical, encouraging lots of giggles. And. Take a peek at those endpapers – I do love it when they change to reflect the character’s journey.

How Rude! is rib-tickling fun. Highly recommended!

Read our interview with Clare Helen Welsh here.


Clare Helen Welsh
Olivier Tallec
Frances Lincoln

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