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Hide & Eek by Rebecca Sutherland



a triumph of design,

and pure fun!

Hide & Eek! from Rebecca Sutherland is a satisfyingly thick book, dominated by black and white silhouettes with splashes of that awesome yellow.

The entire text for the book fills the first page. Tongue twisting teasers hint at what is to be discovered,

“mad professors, jangling skeletons”

This is incredibly effective for little readers and listeners. The quirky phrases stay hooked in their mind, shaping their expectations and encouraging prediction.

Here is the awesome bit …

this is a book that comes with special instructions,

you must delve into this book with the curtains shut, the lights out … and torch in hand.

Oh yes. I told you this was good.

Shine the torch through every page, because within each white silhouette there are treats to discover. Treats which elicit giggles and gasps. Check out the trailer below to see it in action. Hey you can even project the images onto your ceiling. How cool is that??

Hide & Eek - Rebecca Sutherland

Hide & Eek - Rebecca Sutherland

Oh, and the endpapers too …. *sigh*

Hide & Eek! makes a wonderful bedtime book, and an even better book to sneak a peek at under-the-covers when you are supposed to be asleep. Too much fun!

Hide & Eek! is a featured title in our fantastic collection of books for Halloween, a great way to get into the All Hallows Read spirit!


Rebecca Sutherland
Rebecca Sutherland
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