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Hide And Seek

It’s a heart thumpingly brilliant moment when a shiny new tome from picture book extraordinaire Anthony Browne pops through the letter box…. and Hide And Seek is his 50th, yep 50th book. Wowzas!

Browne is a marvellous story teller, Hide And Seek is no exception. The main characters, Poppy and Cy, are sad since their dog disappeared a few days ago.  After a little of the typical brother and sister jostling regarding what to do , they settle on a game on hide-and-seek.

As Poppy searches for Cy in the woods, Browne’s trade mark illustrations really come in to play. There are essential details to spot on each page, taking the reader further into the story.

As the children go deeper into the woods and begin to feel alone the illustrations mirror this – tree trunks become larger and darker, the children become smaller and quieter. This hide-and-seek game is not just for the characters, young readers will find plenty of unexpected surprises nestled within the woods too.

Typical of his captivating style – things are never quite what they seem, and ALWAYS demand a second look.

The foreboding atmosphere is broken by a surprise discovery, and all is well again.

With carefully chosen words, and enchanting illustrations, Anthony Browne’s Hide And Seek takes readers on a wonderful journey.


Anthony Browne
Anthony Browne
Double Day Childrens

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