Here Come The Trolls!

Here Come The TrollsHere Come The Trolls! Written by Ron Butlin, illustrated by James Hutcheson

Mischievous trolls are everywhere! Have you seen them? Are they hiding somewhere in your house? Check under your bed, look behind the curtains, you never know where a troll might be lurking.

Oh no, the trolls are here? What shall we do? A plan is hatched to get rid of the pesky trolls, will it work? This is a fantastic rhyming story, filled with onomatopoeic sounds. Devour this fast-paced tale and its brightly illustrated pages to find out what happens…Here Come the Trolls!

Ron Butlin has created a world of troll mayhem with his rhyming story about a bombardment of trolls. With James Hutcheson’s illustrations to capture the menace you’re in for a treat with this wonderful book of fun!

Day of the TrollsDay of the Trolls! Written by Ron Butlin, illustrated by James Hutcheson

Do you like jumping and sliding and having lots of fun? Join the trolls as they go an adventure of a lifetime for TROLL DAY.

What would you do if you had a day you could do anything and everything you wanted?

This amusing story takes the reader on a topsy-turvy journey around the town, where the trolls get up to all sorts of mischief. Read along as they cause havoc in the shopping mall but where do they end up? Are the trolls in trouble?

Ron Butlin’s rhymes along with James Hutcheson’s amazing illustrations will ensure a smile on every reader as they follow the day of the trolls. A fun book for all the family.

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