Her Idea

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Open that wonderful die-cut cover and delve into the wonderfully thick pages that hold the key to Sozi’s imagination.

Her Idea, created by Rilla Alexander, is for those who have ideas, oh so many ideas flying around – dreams, passions – yet struggle to bring them to life, to make them real. This is for you .. you’re going to love Sozi!

Simple sentences on each page tell us about the huge abundance of ideas Sozi has.

‘They came to her everywhere,

anytime her mind wandered.’

Rilla’s vibrant illustrations personify these ideas brilliantly …

Her Idea

Having lots of idea is all very well, but you do need to do something with them. Sozi has great intentions, but soon gets distracted leading to the disappearance of those wonderful ideas.

‘With a flood of tears she collapsed in a heap.

There was nothing to do but wail and weep.’

Offer and hope is offered by a ‘kind passerby’ shaped as a book, (all the best answers come from books see!) who shows her how to capture her ideas. She captures them all, every single one until an idea for a book begins to emerge …

Rilla Alexander’s gentle rhythm carry the story through to a most satisfying conclusion. Her carefully picked palette is most extraordinary bringing energy, movement and joy to the pages.

Her Idea

Her Idea is just gorgeous!


Rilla Alexander
Rilla Alexander
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