Hasel and Rose

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Hasel and Rose by Caroline Magerl is a stunning picture book. Gentle, calm but oh so powerful, it will become a great comfort to little ones who are moving home.

The opening page depicts little Rose, staring out of the window in her new home. Everything that she misses seems so far away. She’s in a new street, in a new town … she has one wish.

Rose’s one wish starts off something quite magical.

Whilst the rest of Rose’s family try so hard to find the one thing that Rose misses above all else, the readers are invited to use Caroline Magerl’s stunning illustrations to uncover what her family can’t.

Magerl’s narrative has a wonderfully comforting tone and feel as it envelopes the reader in a sense of calm …

‘The evening tide came with gentle fingers to roll over the crabs and rock the stones.’

Magerl’s illustrations sweep up the reader in to the story. There really is something quite magical about them.

Rose’s comfort arrives, her wish materialises and at the same time her courage and confidence rises to the surface as this wonderful story concludes with a fabulous ending.

Hasel and Rose is a visually stunning picture book; warm and captivating I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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