Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson, illustrations by Elise Carmichael

When 12 year-old Rab Burns finds a hag stone, all is not what it seems when he’s the only one that can see witches and things that go bump in the night through the small vessel. Desperate to forget the visions, he throws himself into working the land with his dad, in the hope he’ll have time at the end of a long day to write his beloved poetry and read the books that take him to faraway lands.

Rumours and gossip of witchcraft have always been aimed at his Cousin Betty, even more so now that strange happenings occur in their quiet village. Torn between family loyalty and newcomer at the Big House, Morven, Rab’s family are running out of time if they’re to survive an unexplainable fever that brings them close to death’s door, in more ways than one.

A spooky edge-of-your-seat thriller, Hag Storm will have you rooting for Rab, as he and his brother Gil, attempt to overthrow dark powers at play. Thwarted at every turn, Rab is in a race against time. He needs to use his instincts if he’s to stop the curse but who can he trust to help him when all roads lead to the one place he can’t escape…

Victoria Williamson’s superb historical adventure delves into the darker elements of stories told around the fire that may or may not be true – only you can decide! A page-turner of creepy proportions, Elise Carmichael’s atmospheric illustrations beckon you in beyond the first page, who knows where you’ll end up…


Victoria Williamson
Elise Carmichael
Cranachan Publishing

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